Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

 David Robinson joined the OIES in July 2007. He is a consulting economist who advises on public policy and corporate strategy, especially in relation to energy and climate change. Recent research published by the Institute includes analysis of the following issues, among others: experience meeting the challenges of electricity sector decarbonisation in the UK and Spain; problems facing the European electricity sector; a comparison of US and European electricity prices; the implications of the COP21 for the natural gas industry; electricity demand response in Shanghai, China; the challenges of integrating renewable power in Europe; the prospects for coal and natural gas in the US electricity sector; and problems with regulation of wind power in Colombia. David runs his own consulting company (DR Associates), is an academic adviser to The Brattle Group of Economic and Financial Consultants, and was previously a director of NERA, where he was the co-chair of European Operations and of the Global Energy and Telecom Practices. He also worked at the International Energy Agency (IEA), and wrote his doctoral dissertation at the University of Oxford on the vertical disintegration of the international petroleum industry.