Executive chairman of the International Forum on Energy Security for the Future

The rapidly changing global landscape offers new opportunities as well as new challenges. In recent decades, energy security has become a top priority causing major global transformations. I strongly believe that, unless we join forces and stay committed, there will be more challenges than opportunities left for us to tackle.

Europe has already begun its journey to a greener future. As a large economy, the United States recognizes the need to focus on energy effeciency. In its turn, Ukraine is determined to keep up, while pursuing its own path. However, to see tangible results, governments, people and business should contribute.

The Annual Monaco Energy Security Forum was conceived as an effort to bring a positive change in public perception of energy sustainability and security worldwide. Even though our initiative is relatively young, it is already receiving overwhelming support and recognition. We are proud and excited to be a completely new platform for free and open discussion and strategic decision-making. Every year, we are joined by world’s brightest minds, starting from visionaries and industry experts to policy-makers and civil society representatives. I am certain that the best is yet to come.