Professor of Law and Energy Policy, University of East Finland

 Andrei V Belyi (Andrey Belyy) is Adjunct Professor on Energy Law and Policy with main research interests in the international oil and gas markets, pricing mechanisms, developments in liquefied natural gas (LNG) including small-scale LNG applications. He has a wide range of publications on the EU and Russia energy policies, on energy governance and international political economy of energy. He regularly provides commentaries and interviews to Energy Post, Natural Gas World Magazine, and to a Russian portal Neftianka. At the UEF, he participated in a research project for the Academy of Finland on US shale gas effects on EU energy law and policy. Before joining UEF, he was based at the University of Tartu (2012-2015) where he conducted EU-funded Jean Monnet modules on EU energy policies. Prior to that, Andrei Belyi acted as a Deputy Head of Department on Energy and Commodity Markets at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (2006-2012), worked for the Energy Charter Secretariat (2005) and for MVV Consulting GmbH in Brussels (2000-2005).

 Andrei Belyi has a solid international experience including short term research and teaching assignments at the Centre for Energy and Resources at the University College London in Adelaide; at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy in Dundee; and at the Warwick Business School in the UK. He also conducted trainings and simulation games for the Energy Charter Knowledge Centre’s executive training programme in Brussels, Astana and Ashkhabad. He participated in EU-funded Research Framework programme VII in a project “Policies in Natural Resources” (POLINARES). He also provided advice and consultancy services for a number of private firms in Baltic States, Belgium, Germany, Russia and the UK.  He is currently based in Tallinn for consultancy business related to the small scale LNG markets.

 Andrei Belyi is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of World Energy Law and Business (Oxford University Press), he participates at Brussels Energy Club and he is a co-founder of a research network on Political Economy of Energy in Europe and Russia (PEEER).

Andrei Belyi holds a doctoral degree from the Free University of Brussels.