Head of the Organizing Committee of the Monaco Energy Security Forum

Along with the rapidly changing global landscape come new challenges. Over the past few years, energy security rose to the top of the global geostrategic agenda. This created a strong momentum to pursue much needed structural transformations towards sustainable development. We need to rise to the occasion and join forces on development of precise steps aiming at preventing the imminent multifaceted energy crisis, mistakenly considered to be inevitable. As we should not lack confidence that life itself imposes no challenges that couldn’t be overcome.

Europe has just started to adjust its energy balance towards the use of alternative sources. Ukraine is determined to keep up, while pursuing its own path. We need to make sure that governments, businesses and public sector are equally involved in the diversification of energy sources and remain committed to advancing their countries’ energy security.

The International Forum Energy Security for The Future was specifically designed to bring about positive permanent shifts in public opinion that would lead to changes in public policy. Even though our initiative is relatively young, it is already receiving overwhelming support and recognition. We are proud and excited to be a completely new platform for free and open discussion and strategic decision-making. Every year we are joined by the today’s brightest minds, starting from innovators and industry experts to policy-makers and civil society organizations that while in the spotlight have a unique way to forge a connection with the audience, even though we are addressing some crucial matters. In attendance were Jean-Arnold Vinois, Andris Piebalgs, Hunter Biden, Joseph Cofer Black, Guy Verhofstadt, Dr. Danilo Türk and many others. We would like to give a special thank you to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Aleksander Kwasniewski’s Amicus Europae Foundation for continued trust that they place in the success of our initiative. 




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