Adviser to the Director General at the European Commission DG Energy

Anywhere in Europe and also outside Europe and we have big success I think with the reverse flow. What we have done with the reverse flow providing gas from Germany, whatever, towards all Central Europe and Ukraine is certainly a brute game changer because we can have free DT also from west to east. And what has been said this morning by Mr.

Piebalgs is something fantastic, we can now have gas from Norway arriving in Lithuania and from there Germany to Poland or the rest of Baltic Sea or Finland. And the EU is behind all those projects. We are developing the security of supply of Europe. I would like to say a last thing on energy. Energy is a major game changer and this will bring more free DT also into the market and it is evident, we know it. But I would like to say that something maybe more than the normal energy is occurring is to use energy as a fuel and not as a gas. Just look on the window you see this nice cruiser The Elisabeth, it is running with the bottom of the barrel, it is running with the worst fuel in the world, worse than coal. The solution is to transform that into energy. Why? Because energy is a fuel for energy carrier, we just need to change the engine or modify the engine and use energy directly in maritime sector. The same is occurring, it is not a dream, it is occurring already with freight and transport. The commission that will launch the Blue Corridor project where they are closing all Europe to demonstrate that it is possible to transport goods with energy and the idea to gasify energy as soon as it arrives to the continent it is old idea and the new idea is to use energy as a liquid for different purpose, maritime and tracks, also for small IN and for regions which are not yet connected to gas network. All this and the maritime transport is putting pressure on the price of oil. The politics that we have seen this morning plus the fact that the energy is now penetrating the transport sector is putting another pressure on the price of oil and I think that and therefore we have also to introduce these prospects in the development of gas as a competitor to transport. I conclude saying that all those changes are created by new technologies, new technologies are pushing the market and it is the market which has changed geopolitics and not the reverse. If there was no breakthrough on fracking in the shale gas and shale oil production, OPEC would have still a role today. With the development… with this rise of development of what is occurring in the USA, it’s a technology breakthrough, and this has to continue in all sector, in this powerful energy efficiency sector. But everywhere we should have much more technology, and I think this is the solution for the future. So, I think that we are doing good things that people…