Independent director at Burisma Group

When I was in Ethiopia 8 years ago, I think 8-9 years ago. When Prime Minister Meles was still alive, I had a private meeting with him and there also were about 3 or 4 people on behalf of the World Food Program, which I am on the Board of, the World Food Program USA.

The question we asked him was: “What is the single biggest issue that we face today?”. And of course, being from the World Food Program, we thought it would be something about hunger or drought but he said “climate change.” The single biggest problem for all of the developing countries we talk about is climate change. And the reason is because it absolutely devastates their economy, it devastates the way in which they are able to predict, their agriculture and their future and we have to recognize that as — at least the US is — the largest consumer of energy, along with China and India. India needs to put up twenty new coal power plants per month to keep up with the energy needs.

So whatever we do as relates to electric cars, whatever we do as relates to geothermal, whatever we do as relates to solar energy, the truth and the matter is that we need, we absolutely one hundred per cent need to make a radical change in the way in which we approach energy. And one of the reasons that I am proud to be a member of the Board at Burisma is because I believe we are trying to figure out a way to create a radical change in a way in which we look at energy.