Adviser on European Energy Policy at the Jacques Delors Institute, Honorary Director of the European Commission - Directorate General for Energy

Today I would like you to take five Ds with you. It is an old part of energy security and it is linked with the Energy Union and our future. The first D is Diversification in the field of energy; that includes diversification of sources of energy, diversification of rules of energy and diversification of counterparts. Diversification is a key word for energy security.

The second D stands for Domestic resources, which is also essential. I think that domestic resources is the cost to ensure your independence, which is sometimes seen in a wrong way. Basically, it’s extremely important to exploit domestic resources putting the main focus on the renewable energy sources.

The third element which is new and extremely important and I think it is the result of the EU market creation, is the Democratization of energy. And for a long time, for maybe a century, the energy relation was a vertical one between a supplier and a consumer. Today a consumer is empowered because he has the right to choose among various suppliers. He may also choose whether he wants nuclear energy or renewable energy. So democratization of energy means that the consumer today may have a major influence on the direction we take in the field of energy. And of course he is doing also as an actor because today we have the “procumers” who are consumers producing their own electricity, for example, with solar panels or maybe with wind mills in the community where they live. And this is also linked with the fourth D, which is Digitization.

The digital era in which we are entering or which we are in for a while is not really hitting the energy sectors. It’s a kind of “Uberization” of the energy sector which is happening and which his meaning we don’t only have millions of procumers in the European Union we also have new suppliers, producers of renewable energy who choose to produce safe energy. So we have the possibility today to create new interfaces between each player and to have what is called “demand side management”. Demand side management is seen today as 30% of savings of energy consumption. This is huge, this is the number of nuclear reactors we may just get rid of.

The fifth D I wish you to take away is Diplomacy. It is very important for the European Union. The division of the European Union in the field of the energy has been very visible. Nord Stream 2 is still an example today, a bad example. And a solution for all member-states is to speak together with one single message and to convey the message strongly to its partners. This is very important. So Diversification, Domestic resources, Democratization of energy, Digitization and Diplomacy.