European Commissioner for Energy (2004 and 2009)

Also very much rely on network industries. Network industries also very much rely on network industries. Network industries require a couple of sales. Well you need interconnectiona lpoints then you need the same rules in the call and GMI, so called network code.

So far we managed to commit, but then you need also the European Regulatory Authority. European Regulatory Authority establishes a weak mandate, well, now you try to increase this mandate. And then you need a bit of staff but have no staff. So there is no logic sometimes in the European Union’s actions in creating the Energy Union andwhere it is most evidently it is concerning the north stream too that was mentioned. It is a political issue, it has nothing to do with market because definitely EU gas demand will not increase until 2030 it will stay or flat or it will come down to three hundred fifty. Imports will increase because domestic production goes down and also not so important so there is a capacity, there is a pipeline system that vice president spoke about. Why can’t we say, well, it is political project that creates us headache with our partners and inside. And that is where the biggest weakness of Energy Union needs. It is not on some small integrity it is moving in the right direction and its being right but when clear political decision needs to be taken, well, we always try to hide behind formulas that, well, nobody is convinced about and I think that is what needs to be solved in the Union and I share his optimism but with new French president we really put this European identity before national identity, it is a big change and remember the start with Tony Blair, why we came to this motion of Energy Union. Energysector for Europeanization was dead until this … meeting. And Tony Blair said, well, the word European networks because until then we could not imagine what European networks are. And politically the way was open, we took the initiative, we moved away and now, for example, there are these day ahead market these old operating, it will be interday market, on gas the things are more complicated but it is also advance in their high best prices that is very dominated the EU market nowaday sand there is price conversion between north-west-east so there are things that are moving in the right direction wherewe have the pull exactly political issues where we should b every clear and supporting where we come in political decision, these are necessary financial resources not just saying well we are fighting climate changes let’s just put money into it. So it is crucial that we have this type of consequence and I think we have now opportunity for the next five years. So I think now it is an optimistic phase and it is also for me, also concerning the Energy Union but particularly concerning political part not so much on technical part, it is really working, things are going in the right direction.