Vadym Pozharskyi

Along with the rapidly changing global landscape come new challenges. Over the past few years,…

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Head of the Organizing Committee of the Monaco Energy Security Forum

Nikolay Zlochevskyi

Ukraine has already joined the European family. The bond between Europe and Ukraine today is…

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Founder of the Energy Security Forum and President at Burisma Group


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends!
I am delighted to welcome you to Monaco for the second…

Alexander Kwasniewski

But what is this paradox? That still we are in this situation of change and a lot of elements…

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President of Poland (1995-2005)

Andris Piebalgs

Also very much rely on network industries. Network industries also very much rely on network…

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European Commissioner for Energy (2004 and 2009)

Ireneusz Bil

I’d like to start with what M. King Hubbert said about the peak of oil. Because “peak oil”…

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Director of Amicus Europae Foundation

Joschka Fischer

I think energy security means in the future diversifying the supplies and also decreasing the…

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Vice Chancellor of Germany, 1998-2005

Jean-Arnold Vinois

Today I would like you to take five Ds with you. It is an old part of energy security and it is…

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Adviser on European Energy Policy at the Jacques Delors Institute, Honorary Director of the European Commission - Directorate General for Energy

TJ Glauthier

My view is that the changes we are going to see in the next decade will be greater than the…

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US Deputy Secretary of Energy, 1999-2001

Hunter Biden

When I was in Ethiopia 8 years ago, I think 8-9 years ago. When Prime Minister Meles was still…

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Independent director at Burisma Group